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Back To Work After Holiday Quotes. It also means getting to see your boss and co-workers again. In those few days/weeks after getting back to work, the day never seems to end, and you make extra demands on your mind and body to live in the moment.

As of today September 1st 2014...THE DAILY PIN BOARD is ...
As of today September 1st 2014…THE DAILY PIN BOARD is … (Richard Caldwell)

And when it's a long holiday like we just had, things are even worse. My husband is always telling me: 'We're on holiday – we don't need to have an itinerary!' But I always want to see as much as I can. It's great if you get along with your colleagues but it's torture when you don't.

Either the day before returning to work or the morning of returning to work, take some time to plan.

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Which is why going back to work after the Holidays is so difficult. As you get yourself back to work remember that the harder you work in this life, the higher your chances of The best antidepressant to going back to work after a wonderful holiday is to remember that someone somewhere is ready to swim across the Pacific. The teams that worked on the innovative distribution of 'The Interview' are just a few of the many that put in long hours over our studio holiday.

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